Thermal Clad Printed Circuit Boards

VEXOS is a full service, high-mix, low- to mid-volume electronics manufacturing and custom material solutions provider with a proven track record of supplying state-of-the-art solutions to a diverse group of OEMs and other product based companies with a strong commitment to quality.

With 25 years of experience, VEXOS offers Thermal Clad Printed Circuit Boards with a full selection of high performance or low-priced services as a leading supplier around the world. Thermal Clad Printed Circuit Boards is the answer to the designers who want more. You need to package your devices thermally to have the power and lifecycles of the LED. A thermal Clad PCB provides strong and powerful heat transfer. Having the base material made of metal, it gives the PCB the chance to be configured into various thickness, bends, and shapes which allows for installation in many applications. With a Thermal PCB, you are assured of the lowest operating temperature, maximum LED color consistency, and life.

Thermal Clad Printed Circuit Boards are fabricated by either an additive process or subtractive process. An additive process is one where patterns are formed by Copper plating. A subtractive process is one which the patterns are formed by etching away copper foil selectively. VEXOS is able to provide from one to four layers on a typical metal core PCB.

Thermal Clad Printed Circuit Boards can be made from a variety of materials but are primarily produced using FR4 or ceramic-polymer blend. This unique material helps in high heat transfer and cooling the components while reducing the unnecessary damage caused by fragile ceramics. The printed circuit foil has a thickness of 35-350µm and has a layer of dielectric. This is the main layer of the Thermal Clad material and brings the bonds to the base and circuit metal. It has a base layer which is often aluminum, but copper may be used also.

Application of Thermal Clad Printed Circuit Boards

You can maintain the performance and durability of your components by using Thermal Clad Printed Circuit Boards. low level thermal impedance and meek designs of the dielectric will perform better than other board paddings for the sake of power and high-temperature mechanisms. Some of the application of thermal clad PCB’s include:

LED Lighting– by using Thermal Clad Printed Circuit Boards you are assured of the lowest possible operating temperatures and high level of color, brightness, and life.  

Power Conversion- the benefit of metal core PCB’s are that they offer a series of thermal performance and are highly reliable. It is also advantageous when there is limited space but requires thermal dissipation from the PCB

Motors– Thermal Clad Printed Circuit Boards provide a variety of dielectric choices that will provide electrical isolation that is required to meet the operating limitations and protection action test requirements.

Automotive: the automotive industry uses Thermal Clad boards as they need long term reliability under high operating temperatures coupled with their requirements of effective space utilization. Improve the performance of your product by using VEXOS Thermal Clad PCB’s.

Solid State Relays– Metal Core PCB’s offer a selection of thermally mechanical and efficient substrate. The material configurations allow mounting construction not typically possible with ceramic substrates. New dielectrics meet the high thermal performance expectations and can even out-perform existing ceramic based designs. Thermally conductive PCB’s improve the robustness which is brought about by the fact that the components can be kept cool and designs are kept simple. Thermal Clad contains low thermal impedance which makes it superior to other insulators for power gadgets. Thermal Cladding enables the assemblies to be cooled off reducing thermal interference.

If you have a high concentration of LED’s, or power that requires heat dissipation you should strongly consider VEXOS’ Thermal Clad PCB’s.  Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your next project.

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Vexos, is a mid-size global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Custom Material Solutions (CMS) company, providing complete end-to-end supply chain management solutions in electronic and mechanical products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and new emerging technology companies.  

Vexos services extend over the entire electronic product life cycle, from value engineering services for product development to prototyping and New Product Introduction (NPI) through to the growth, maturity and end-of-life phases with a strong focus and commitment to quality and customer service satisfaction.

With manufacturing facilities in LaGrange Ohio United States, Markham Ontario Canada and 2 locations China Vexos can efficiently compete in today’s marketplace, primarily focus within automotive, industrial, networking, communication, medical and security market segments.  Vexos enables their customers to focus on their core business, reduce your cost, speed your time-to-market and gain a competitive advantage.

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