VEXOS Implements Intelligent Storage Management (ISM) Solutions, Expands Capabilities and Services

Vexos recently completed a significant expansion of service offerings to support a rapidly growing customer base. We made significant investments in implementing an expanded suite of manufacturing equipment and operational management systems critical to the support of OEMs’ early manufacturing involvement activities, including advanced Value Add/Value Engineering services such as DFx suite of analyses as well as Supply Chain Analytics.

In Markham, we have completed the implementation of a world class fully automated storage system that will enable faster materials movement, materials accuracy and reconciliation, particularly required to support high mix, low volume, and rapid changeovers.  Vexos Markham worked closely with our strategic partners at Juki Automation Systems to implement the system. The Juki solution provides a complete, comprehensive solution including automated kitting, material tracking/reconciliation, and pick and put away automation.  This new automated material modernization system has significantly improved operational efficiencies with material management, enabling tighter integration with the surface mount assembly lines manufacturing and associated processes.

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About VEXOS Corporation:  Vexos, is a mid-size global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Custom Material Solutions (CMS) company, providing complete end-to-end supply chain management solutions in electronic and mechanical products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and new emerging technology companies. 

Vexos services extend over the entire electronic product life cycle, from value engineering services for product development to prototyping and New Product Introduction (NPI) through to the growth, maturity and end-of-life phases with a strong focus and commitment to quality and customer service satisfaction.  With manufacturing facilities in United States, Canada, China and Vietnam. Vexos can efficiently compete in today’s marketplace, primarily focus within automotive, industrial, networking, communication, medical and security market segments. 

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