Proactive Logistics Excellence

Program Highlights

Each customer has a specific timeline in which they need their product delivered. A primary function of a contract manufacturer is to ensure this timeline is achieved using best-in-class logistics at multiple stages; beginning with materials delivered to the manufacturing facility and typically ending with finished product to the customer.

A large shipping company declared bankruptcy which caused their assets to be frozen. According to admiralty law, when a shipping company cannot pay their bills, their ships can be detained. In this case, several port terminals refused entry and some locations seized the ships and all cargo aboard. This caused severe delays in shipments for this specific shipping company until their bills could be paid.


The VEXOS logistics team was made aware of the shipping issue early, and before it became a problem with their customers. VEXOS proactively developed a plan of avoidance with this specific company and contingency plans for each customer, ensuring all shipments arrived on time and on schedule. These shipments are a critical element of the customer supply chain, and ultimately the financial health of their business. VEXOS understands this importance and remains actively engaged in the success of these shipment deliveries.


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