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We can’t solve everything. But together, we can help make a difference to protect our environment.

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As the significant effects of climate change are being noticed, now is the time for us to preserve and protect our planet. Our efforts in fostering sustainability and nurturing the environment to maintain ecological balance are key to combatting these significant effects.

With your contribution, Vexos will match the final amount to double it.

The amount generated will be used to plant trees in 2023!

2021 Activity Highlight:

  • Early in May 2022, Vexos announced their association with Tree Canada, which is the only national Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to planting and nurturing trees in rural and urban environments, in every province across the country.
  • In June 2022, Vexos, Murata and GMA, together planted more than 375 trees in a conservation park in Markham.