Metal Fabrication

Stamping, Die-Casting & Metal Extrusions

Highest quality metal products in the areas of stamping, die-casting and metal extrusions developed with the latest manufacturing technologies and supported by international quality standards.


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The art of precision metal engineering and processing through cutting, forming and bending of metal, is an integral part of VEXOS’ ability to provide both individual components and complex assemblies.

  • Materials include stamping grade, standard and surface treated steels, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper
  • Single station stamping presses as well as progressive stamping dies provide complex features
  • Production and prototype tooling allow short lead time and cost savings, for prototype-to-production run consistency
  • A complete range of “secondary operations” to meet tight tolerances include CNC machining, drilling, polishing, as well as assembly services
  • Surface finish options include: electrostatic spray or immersion painting anodizing, powder coating and plating including, zinc, nickel, or chrome
  • Decorative applications include pad printing and silk-screening



  • Complex Server chassis structures
  • Extrusion assemblies
  • Bracket assemblies
  • HVAC accessories
  • Heat sinks for electronics


VEXOS’ extrusion products include complex profile heat-sinks and housings, as well as structural components.

  • Material: aluminum alloys
  • Tooling design and fabrication
  • Billet casting
  • Secondary operations include stamping, drilling, tapping, grinding, brushing and CNC machining
  • Custom finish options for a specific surface appearance include anodizing, chrome, painting or powder coating



  • Extrusion assemblies
  • HVAC Assemblies
  • Medical equipment
  • Housing or chassis
  • Industrial controls

Die Castings

VEXOS can help provide precision die-cast metal components meeting the most rigid specifications and industry standards. From small to large volume
runs, VEXOS’ precision casting facilities are among the largest manufacturers of aluminum, zinc and magnesium castings.

  • Materials: aluminum, magnesium and zinc
  • Hot and cold chamber casting equipment
  • Exceptionally designed and fabricated dies with the XO’s engineering technical and project management input providing a maximum part yield
  • Maximum casting weights and size range capabilities:
  • Aluminum alloy parts: max weight — 7kg/15.43 lbs; max size — 950 sq cm/1.023 sq ft
  • Magnesium Alley parts: max weight – 6 kg/13.23 lbs; max size — 700 sq cm/0.753 sq ft
  • Zinc alloy parts: max weight — 8 kg/17.64 lbs; max size 950 sq cm/1.023 sq ft
  • A complete range of secondary equipment and processes used to convert castings into specification compliant final components and assemblies
  • Secondary operations, such as drilling, tapping and CNC machining allow for component features that are not easily die-cast
  • A full range of surface finishes, such as passivation, electroplating, spray painting, powder coating, micro arc anodizing, silk screen printing, as well
  • As assembly services and consumer packaging



  • Heat Sink applications
  • RF Shielding Applications
  • Automotive lighting Applications
  • High End Consumer electronics