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Training Videos for the MVM Ventilator

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How To Assemble The MVM Trolley

A detailed instructional video on how to assemble the MVM Trolley

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MVM Ventilator - #1 VEXOS Set Up & Start Up Procedures

This instructional video has been created to support the user with set up and start-up procedures required to operate the MVM. The video covers connecting the ventilator to the electrical and gas sources as well as the assembly of the patient circuit and connection of it to the ventilator. Start-up procedures such as testing and calibrating the MVM are also included in this video.

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MVM Ventilator - #2 How to Operate the MVM Ventilator

This instructional video has been created to support the user in preparing the MVM for patient ventilation. The video covers setting the parameters, testing alarms, and attaching the unit to a patient.

This ventilator is a low cost solution for providing ventilatory support for patients suffering from COVID-19

MVM Ventilator Documentation

Learn more about the product & specification.

  • Product Details & Specifications.
  • MVM - Ventilator
  • FDA classification - Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) document
  • Health Canada COVID-19 Medical Device Authorization for Importation or Sale

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