Introducing the MVM Mechanical Ventilator

Manufactured by VEXOS in North America

MVM Ventilator Product Overview

The MVM is an electrically operated, microprocessor controlled, pneumatically driven ventilator. It is designed for the treatment of adult patients suffering from respiratory failure due to COVID-19 who require temporary or longer-term invasive ventilatory support. The touchscreen panel color LED provides real time graphic displays and digital monitoring capabilities. The touchscreen is designed for easy interaction for setting the modes, parameters and alarms.

The ventilator requires electrical source (100-240V) and a high-pressure air and oxygen source which connects to a built in blender providing adjustable FIO2, ranging between 21% and 100%. A battery provides 2 hours of power.

Key Features

  • Large Scale Production
  • Low Cost
  • Simplicity Of Construction
  • Convenience Of Deployment
  • Customizability
  • Compact Unit
  • User Friendly
  • Easy Set Up

Feature Modes

The MVM features two basic modes: Pressure controlled ventilation (PCV) for patients requiring a controlled ventilation strategy and pressure-support ventilation (PSV) a mode that provides a supported approach, suitable for the weaning phase of intubated patients.

The MVM has 12 different alarm capabilities and can monitor up to 9 patients and parameter data.

This ventilator is a low cost solution for providing ventilatory support for patients suffering from COVID-19

Mechanical Ventilator Manufactured by VEXOS in North America

VEXOS will be manufacturing the MVM Ventilator at its manufacturing sites in LaGrange, Ohio, USA and Markham, Ontario, Canada, under an Exclusive License Agreement with the Elemaster Group for the Americas Market.

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